Research about supporting parents with ID

Parents with an intellectual disability should be supported with their parenting as best as possible. Good scientifically proven methods are vital to accomplish this.

Scientific study

In 2008 the study Wat werkt voor ouders met verstandelijke beperkingen? (What works for parents with an intellectual disability?) was started in collaboration with the VU University Amsterdam.  The study has three domains of focus based on the three success factors from the study Samenspel van factoren (Interplay of factors), 2005.

  1. Requesting and accepting support
    How can we ensure that parents request help more often and are able to accept the support offered? Additionally, the role of the working alliance between parents and their professional caregivers will be studied (researcher: Marieke Meppelder).
  2. Good professional parenting support
    The goal of this project is to show the extent to which parenting skills are malleable in parents with ID, using state of the art parenting skill interventions adapted for parents with ID. A randomized controlled trial will be undertaken of an intervention to improve parenting skills (VIPP-LD). It focusses on decreasing the problems and enhancing the sensitive responsiveness and gentle discipline (researcher: Marja Hodes).
  3. Supportive network
    This project will focus on the perspectives of members of the extended network of parents with ID. It is based on two parts. The objective of the first, qualitative part is to explore the hindering and promoting factors for family and friends to support the parent within the domain of child rearing using focus groups. The objective of the second, quantitative part is to give a description of how the network members experience the hindering and promoting factors as found in the first part of this project. Cooperation with the professional support system is also part of this project (researchers: Jos de Kimpe and Carlijn Nieuwenhuis).

The study is managed by Carlo Schuengel, Sabina Kef  and Cees Janssen (unitill October 2010).


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